Voluntary Closing Agreement Program (VCAP)

Scope of the VCAP Program

Under TEB VCAP, an issuer may request a closing agreement with respect to its bonds to resolve violations of sections 103, 54, 1397E, 1400N and related provisions of the Code. TEB VCAP is not available when:

  1. Absent extraordinary circumstances, the violation can be remediated under existing remedial action provisions or tax-exempt bond closing agreement programs contained in regulations or other published guidance.
  2. The bond issue is under examination. A bond issue is generally treated as under examination on the date a letter opening an examination on the bond issue is sent.
  3. The tax-exempt status of the bonds or qualified status of tax credit bonds is at issue in any court proceeding or is being considered by the IRS Office of Appeals.
  4. The Service determines that the violation was due to willful neglect.


Notice 2008-31 provides general information about the TEB VCAP.

I.R.M. 7.2.3 provides administrative information concerning the requirements for submitting the VCAP request.

Form 14429 is the form that is to be submitted as a cover letter to the VCAP request.


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