Public/Private Partnerships (I.R.C. 141 and I.R.C. 145)

October 3, 2015


See ABA Section of Taxation, “Comments on Safe Harbors under Sections 141 and 145” published October 2, 2015 for a discussion of suggested safe harbors under section 141 and section 145 for public/private arrangements relating to the provision of capital improvements to be owned by qualified users.  (P3 arrangements)

Also see NABL, “REG-140379-02; REG-142599-02: Allocation of and Accounting for
Tax-Exempt Bond Proceeds for Purposes of the Private Activity Bond Restrictions” published September 17, 2014 for a discussion of partnership matters relating to allocation and accounting of bond proceeds.

Note that, on October 25, 2015, the Treasury Department published final regulations regarding allocation and accounting rules under Sections 141 and 145.  Click here to view the regulations and a discussion of any particular allocation and accounting matters.